Frequently Asked Questions

What are NftyGalleries?

Your NftyGallery is a virtual space where you can display your other NFTs. Only you as owner are able to display NFTs in the space, and you are only allowed to display tokens that you own. Want to show off your sweet collection of digital art? NftyGalleries are the way to do it.

What's an NFT?

NFTs are "Non-fungible tokens". Digital assets that you can buy own and trade. Each one is uniquely identifiable, so there's no way of getting yours confused for someone elses. Lots are used for digital art, but it's a growing area with new uses coming out every day

How explore NftyGalleries?

On Desktop, use the mouse to look around, and the WASD keys to move around. On Mobile, swipe the screen to look and move around. If you click/Tap while looking at a display, it will bring up a menu. There's a video tutorial for the basics here!

How can I put another NFT into my NftyGallery?

To slot in a piece of digital art, you'll need to know the NFT's contract address, and token ID. We've created a video tutorial for the process of updating a display in your gallery here!

Why do all these galleries look different

NftyGalleries are procedurally generated! Each one is unique, varying in size, amount of displays and display types. The decor is also random!

How can I get one of these to show my own collection?

Here on the site, we run reverse-time auctions minting the galleries one at a time. The price of the current auction gradually drops over time, and you can buy it when you're happy with the price. You can see the current auction, and mint your own on this page. The first batch of galleries will be listed on OpenSea! If you're here early and want a low token ID, thats where to look.

How many are there going to be?

A total of 10,000 NftyGalleries will be minted, most of which will be available on the auction page. Of those, 150 galleries are reserved for Unruly Attractions to mint. Most of these (100) will be listed on OpenSea, and other digital art exchanges to raise the visibility of NftyGalleries. The rest will be distributed to Unruly Friends, Family, and fans as a thanks for their support over the years.

How do you pronounce the Nfty part?

It's pronounced "Nifty", like the word meaning pretty cool. Because we think these galleries are!

How do you pronounce the Gallery part?

It's pronounced like Galley, but with an extra R in there! But you probably knew that already.

What if you change my link?

As well as being able to access your galleries with the newest features here, there will always be a version of your NftyGallery pinned to IPFS! The link to that version is in your token metadata. If anything happens to this site, you'll still own that version. No need to trust us! We can't rug-pull even if we tried! That being said, we have full intention of supporting NftyGalleries for the forseeable future. We'll also intermittently the IPFS version with the new features until 7500 NftyGalleries have been minted.

Who made these?

NftyGalleries are a project by Unruly Attractions, a spunky little UK based independent game studio. We're still working on games (new projects to be announced soon)!

Can we get in touch?

Something you want answered? Wanna know more? Just wanna have a chat? Drop us a message here and we'll get straight back to you!