NftyGalleries are here! But we're hoping to keep improving the version hosted on! This page will be kept updated with all the things we're planning on doing to improve the experience of your NftyGallery

Post Launch

  • Minimum Minting Price: 0.004555Ξ
  • An option for gasless off-chain art displays
  • Support for IPFS URIs
  • Support for Polygon NFTs
  • Support for GIF NFTs
  • ERC-1155 NFT Support
  • Support for importing NFTs via OpenSea Link
  • ENS support for digital art contracts

Post-500 Minted

  • Raise Minting Price to 0.02Ξ
  • Release 5 Special edition NftyGalleries
  • NftyGallery Metaverse Hub: Travel between galleries from within the application
  • Audio Displays - Audio NFTs and music with the NftyGalleries.
  • Mobile Optimised Client
  • Alternate Store Links - Link to custom stores as well as OpenSea

Post-2500 Minted

  • Raise Minting Price to 0.05Ξ
  • Release another 5 Special edition NftyGalleries
  • Live Avatars - See and communicate with others as they walk around galleries
  • Custom Naming of NftyGalleries
  • In-Gallery Plaques and Signs
  • Search by Trait, Gallery Name & Owner
  • Standalone Client with higher graphical quality.
  • NftyFrame - A physical piece of hardware you can sync with displays in a your NftyGalleries

Post-5000 Minted

  • Raise Minting Price to 0.1Ξ
  • Release another 5 Special edition NftyGalleries
  • VR Client - Both Mobile and Desktop support
  • NftyGallery London - A Physical space that is linked to the NftyGallery Ecosystem, acting as a NFT community hub and art gallery
  • Ability to put a NftyGallery including its collection of displayed NFTs on sale

Post-7500 Minted

  • Raise Minting Price to 0.5Ξ
  • Release the final 5 Special edition NftyGalleries
  • Lock metadata + IPFS pinned version!
  • Begin work on Collection 2.
  • More to come...